Are Fall Out Boy Dying?


Fall Out Boy are one of my favourite bands, however, after hearing this song, I think I’ve changed my mind. It’s hard to believe that this is the same band that released incredible albums like From Under The Cork Tree, Infinity On High and even Folix a Deux.

Young And Menace is probably the most disappointing thing that I have ever heard from Fall Out Boy. I was pretty much speechless the first time that I heard it.

This song took a completely different direction from the band. I expected something that I wouldn’t necessarily love, but this? I have never hated a Fall Out Boy song more.

Fall Out Boy have always been a rock based band. They’ve tried new directions, such as more pop influenced albums like American Beauty/American Psycho and Save Rock and Roll, but never EVER did I imagine them doing an EDM song. It doesn’t feel like the same band that released songs like Sugar We’re Going Down and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs.

I also can’t imagine how they are going to play this song live. Pretty much all of it is made on a computer. How is Patrick going to do those weird pitch shifts live?

I hope that their album, Mania, which is released on September 15th, holds better with me than this song does.


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