Halsey – Now Or Never Review

So last night, Halsey came out with this song called Now Or Never. And me being a ‘music nerd’, and a Halsey fan, I decided to do a review.

With Halsey, she is one of the artists which I can say that I have been there from the start. I was there for the release of BADLANDS (her debut album), and knew her before Closer even came out. BADLANDS was such a great album, because I had never heard anything like it.

After hearing Not Afraid Anymore, which Halsey did for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, I was beginning to wonder what her new music would sound like, and whether it would be a big difference from what it was before.

When I first heard this song, it didn’t sound like some of her older stuff. Songs like Colors are very different to this song, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The verse of the song is almost spoken; it kind of sounds like a Drake song. The chorus is basic but catchy. Generally the song is very average, however I do not hate it because it does bring me some joy to listen to.

Halsey has said in an interview that it will only be one part of her new record, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, so even people who don’t like this song can hope that the rest of her album, which drops June 2nd, will be better.

However much I did enjoy the song, I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of her older material. I just hope that the new album will be incredible and stick with me for life, like BADLANDS did.



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